Lessons are tailored to the student's age, skill level and goals, from the recreational music lover to the aspiring professional. Possible areas of study include:

• Traditional, classically based training

• Note reading and theory/harmony concepts (traditional and jazz)

• Creating an arrangement of popular songs via melody and chords
(playing from lead sheets)

• Tablature (stringed instruments)

• Proper technique

• Improvisation and playing in different genres

• Transcribing and arranging

• Ear training, solfeggio (sight singing)

2021 Lesson Fees and Policies

Lesson rate is $100.00 per month. Lessons are given weekly and fees are paid monthly. This works out to four or five 30 minute lessons per month.

Payment is due by the first lesson of each month. Should payment not be received by the first lesson of the month, the student will still be provided with the first lesson. Payment must be made prior to the student's next lesson or subsequent lessons will be suspended until payment is received.

Please be prompt for your lesson. Lesson times cannot be extended due to student lateness. I do not expect to keep any of my students waiting for their lesson, as I understand the value of your time.

Make up lessons are available on a very limited basis. I will do my best to reschedule lessons when given prior notice; however, I cannot guarantee availability. Make up lesson day is generally Friday. I will give notice if I need to cancel a lesson, otherwise, it is safe to assume that I will be present as any other business operates. If a cancellation on my part is required, the student will not be charged for the canceled lesson, and the amount for the canceled lesson will be deducted from the next scheduled payment.

Parents are welcome and encouraged to sit in on the student's lesson. Parents of young students may wish to take notes to help with guidance of the student's home practice time. Parental involvement and encouragement greatly cultivates the student's interest and progress.

If you have any questions or concerns about these policies, please call me at 717-333-3173. A musical education should be an enriching and enjoyable part of life and I wish to provide the best service possible.

Music Transcription, Arranging and Typesetting:

• Typeset sheet music from handwritten manuscript
• Transcriptions from audio source (CD, mp3)
-Chord charts/lead sheets, piano reduction or full score
• Convert standard notation to tablature and vice-versa
• Music accompaniment for original lyrics
• Arrangements of original compositions
• Musical analysis for educational instruction
• Part extraction from scores
• Sheet music in PDF format
• Audio tracks in WAV, MIDI and MP3 formats
• Pricing is determined by job complexity, estimates are free of charge.